Sandia Survivors Program provides comprehensive, consultative medical management in concert with the patient’s primary care provider in order to enhance the quality of life and overall health of all patients coming to this program.  We exist to help children and young adults with a blood disorder or a cancer history achieve their goals and thrive. 

“After twenty years of caring for kids with cancer, I firmly believe in a healing mission.  I don’t believe that ‘fixing the problem’ of cancer or a blood disorder is sufficient for healing.  I’ve walked with patients and their families from the day of diagnosis to 20 years after treatment.  It’s a journey.”—Dr. Butros​​​​

 Who should come to this clinic to see Dr. Butros? 

  • Childhood cancer survivors who are at least two years off treatment and free of active cancer    
    • These survivors are no longer receiving chemotherapy or other cancer therapies  
    • The current age range served in this program for childhood cancer survivors is 2-40 years old  
  • Patients with a brain tumor that is stable, off treatment in the last two years   
  • Children ages 0-19 years with blood disorders who do not require intravenous treatments or bone marrow tests    
    • A phone consultation to the child’s primary care provider will determine whether your child will need more intensive management in a larger hematology program   
  • Children who have already received intravenous treatments and need to be followed expectantly for relapse of their hematologic condition